Valérie Bacart

Valérie Bacart (born in Brussels and lives in Mons in Belgium) is an art historian (Université Libre of Brussels). She is director of the Art Center of contemporary textile, the TAMAT (Tournai) and she teaches History, Philosophy and Psychology of fashion in Brussels. For 10 years she was director of the Maison des Artistes of Anderlecht and the Brussels Cultural Center “Escale du Nord”. As a speaker, she intervened in subjects like textile arts and their implication in the modern and contemporary art but also on the women artists of the 20th and 21st century. As an author, she participated in different catalogues edited at collective or individual exhibitions’ occasion. Her professional experience was also built up at the theater because she was, by the end of the 90’s, responsible for the production of a theatre company and she ran, in Brussels, the “Scène à Deux” project dedicated to the teenagers. “Equinox” is the association she set up in 2000 with the playwrigth Emilio Saussez, in order to open up the artistic practices and to promote their different aspects. The associate is in charge nowadays of the coordination of an international residence for young artists.