"Monumentality - Fragility"*

*Monumentality: monumental character being the result of the dimension but also the proportions and style; masterful, powerful, impressive, solemn, important, sublime ...
Fragility: delicate character, short-lived, unstable, precious, precarious, vulnerable, fragile, soft, weak, thin, refined ...

The European Prize for Applied Arts will coincide with an exhibition devoted to Niki de Saint-Phalle at the Art Museum of Mons. Her work can be described as both monumental and fragile, the strong colour palette, exuberant proportions, the power and the violence allude to a monumental character from which a palpable fragility is released. De Saint-Phalle's work is reflective of the challenges that she faced in her private life and provided insight and commentary on societal tensions of the time.
With the European Triennial these two words are also part of the monumentality of this institution and the fragility of the nations and entities that make it up.

Artists are asked to take inspiration from the paradoxical of this 2 themes.

The European Prize for Applied Arts aims to reward the best creations of contemporary expression in applied arts and craftsmanship. The exhibitors and the winners of the WCC-BF "Master Prize" (3.500€) and the WCC-Europe "Young Talent Prize" (3.000€) are chosen by a jury of international experts on the basis of criteria of artistic merit, technical mastery and innovation

The applications for the European prize for applied arts have been closed this 15 February.
Thanks to everyone for their applications.

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